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Complicated legal issues can impact your future and the future of your family.  You need to be certain that your best interests and your rights are being protected throughout your legal proceedings.   The guidance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable in helping you find the resolution and closure you need to move forward with your life.

At Houston & Houston, PC, attorney David S. Houston is dedicated to providing high-quality, responsive legal assistance to clients throughout the State of Alaska.  With over 20 years of experience and a detailed knowledge of various practice areas, Attorney Houston is confident in addressing even the most complicated legal issues.

A Problem Solving Approach

David Houston is dedicated to providing solutions to the problems you face when dealing with complex legal issues.  Whether you require guidance on the path of a divorce proceeding, child custody dispute or other family law matter or need assistance recovering compensation in a personal injury case, he strives to provide the honest and informative advice you need to make the most appropriate decisions possible at each step of the process.

In order to resolve your legal matter as quickly and effectively as possible, David will explore any avenue available and provide appropriate advice on the different options you have at your disposal.    David will walk with you through negotiation, mediation or settlement conference or other alternative dispute process and when appropriate and he will fight to protect your rights in court.

David uses his unique experience as a therapist and grief recovery specialist to assist clients as they deal with emotional hardships that are inherent with the loss levied from injury or the end of a relationship. 

Contact Houston & Houston, PC

Through the course of your case, David makes himself available to address your concerns and answer your questions as they arise.   This personalized and accessible approach is designed to help you make the most objective and informed decisions possible.

Houston & Houston, PC offers free consultations to personal injury clients and a low initial consult rates for family law related matters.   We provide flexible appointment schedule to all clients in order to make your proceedings as convenient as possible.

Contact Attorney Houston online or at 907.278.1015 to discuss your specific legal concerns today.

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